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Creator: Patrick M. Oliver, founder Say It Loud! Readers and Writers
ISBN 0-9779499-3-1

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Literary Consultant and Activist Patrick M. Oliver


The Ananse Journal Writing Project

(Dallas, TX) Patrick M. Oliver, a nationally recognized literary consultant and founder of Say It Loud! Readers and Writers has created a writing project to prepare boys to be in the position to take full advantage of the 21st century workplace and entrepreneurship opportunities. The majority of these career choices will require skills related to technical writing, analytics, artificial intelligence, coding, human relations, education, healthcare, the environment and more.

The Ananse Journal is a writing project for boys and young men to engage in self-exploration, examination of ideas, pursuit of personal aspirations, writing strategies, and the art of storytelling. Project writing prompts will be posted daily on the Facebook group page Encouraging Our Sons to Read: A Community Call to Action.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to locate the prompts, share and discuss with the young people. The prompts can be proverbs, poems, excerpts from books, quotes, visual art, historical images, newspaper and magazine articles. The young people will journal after reviewing, discussing and giving some thought to the writing prompts.

“Self-reflection leads to self-improvement which is important to the development of young men”- Dr. Gilbert Parks, psychiatrist specialist and past President elect Black Psychiatrists of America

The book’s front cover image is the Adinkra symbol Ananse Ntontan (spider’s web) which is associated with wisdom, creativity and the complexities of life. Ananse the spider is well-known in African folktales.

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