Kelly Fair

Kelly is the Founder and Executive Director of Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program, a non-profit organization focused on the life-skills enhancement, career readiness, and leadership development of girls and young women. She is an award-winning social entrepreneur who advocates for girls, women, mentoring and workforce pipelining. Kelly is also the author of a literary guide for mentors, They’re All the Same Girl, and Every Girl is a CEO, a career and success guide for girls of color.

Presentation categories:

  • Mentoring and girls’ development
  • Career exploration and job readiness for girls and young women of color
  • Education
  • Social entrepreneurship

My passion is helping to empower girls of color to prepare for future careers and success in life. I want girls to get excited about dreaming beyond what they can see, and believe in equipping girls with the tools, confidence, and experience to achieve their goals.”

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